Lesson Plan : Phoneme Track

Teacher Name:
 Ofelia Gomez
 Grade 1
 Special Education

 Phonemic awareness
 The student will develop phonemic awareness by encouraging lots of talking, listening and playing with sounds. The learner hears phonemes in words and sees the written representation of the phonemes. This essential skill will help students with phonological difficulties.
 Student will practice phoneme manipulation, segmentation, and blending. This lesson plan will help students to develop phonemic awareness and visual discrimination, essential skills for fluent reading and spelling.
 Phoneme Take-Aways- "bill" take away phoneme "b"= ill Phoneme changes- replace phoneme "o" in "log" with "e"= leg Phoneme chains- change one phoneme at a time to give the correct chain such
 flash cards and Phoneme Track with Intel based Apple Macs
 The student will listen to a flannel history , "a cat, a rat and a bat". He will identify the main characters of the story, a cat, a rat and a bat"
 The teacher will help the students to identify the phoneme that had change to write cat,rat,bat. Teacher will use flash card to demonstrate the actions take away, and changes, forming new words.
 Teacher/ Teacher Aid/ Volunteer will play flash cards taking way,and replacing phoneme in a word to create a new 4 o 5 words chain.
  Teacher will customize levels of difficulty, adjust color for sight disabled students, and will keep track of all records and will printed for easy progress report.
Checking For Understanding:
 The student will answer the questions: What happened when we change, take away a phoneme, and will create a chain changing one phoneme, he will use flash cards.
 Teacher will ask the student what he has learned today. Students will fill the blank _at, in a worksheet with pictures of a cat,a rat and a bat.
 Students will fill the blank _at, in a worksheet with pictures of a cat,a rat and a bat.
Teacher Reflections:
 If the students are able to fill in the blanks with the appropriate phoneme under each picture we can form new chains taking away and changing phonemes.

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