Lesson Plan : Observing Patterns

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Glass
 Grade 7-8

 Science Standard 2 and 4 Patterns, Observation and Inquiry Ela Standard Writing Standard Social Studies Standard Reading Standard
 To solve algebraic problems To read for understanding and spiral reading levels To write a five paragraph persuasive essay To use transitional words To understand story elements
 1. Students will read for critical analysis 2. Students will understand the procedure to write and a five paragraph utilizing transitional words; therefore, furthermore, consequently, subsequently 3. To record scientific entrie 4. To record reading journal entries
 Computers, Chart paper, markers, worksheets, textbooks, graphic organizer (stair plot, character traits,)Barack Obama, Young Landlord, Book of the month
 Young Landlord chap 12 What is the climax and plot in chap 12, What idea do they come up with to help them raise money? Does it work? Why or why not? Why is the metaphor on page 108. Can you make a predication about its meaning. List a minimum of 3 character traits for Bubba, Mr. Pender, Dean's father and Chris. Barack Obama - What additional nightmares does Barack face? Has there ever been a time in your life you felt alone? Stop and jot about it? What is the pivotal moment in Baracks life?
 Last week we read Young Landlord we learned about setting and setting change, can you give an example. Today we will talk about plot, conflict, and climax in the story. Can you identify the development each in this story? Last week we read about the nightmares and challenges Barack faced as a young child. Why does he use the work nightmare to describe his feelings. Students will use anticipatory guide to answer questions about the Lincoln/Douglas debate
 Students will stop and jot to answer the questions related to the story
 Students will work in heterogeneous groups
Checking For Understanding:
 Assess students character charts Assess students stop and jot for understanding Begin the book of the month on Wednesday
 Check and give homework Students should finish essays by Wednesday Trip info
 Teacher observation and assessment Quiz students on story elements Record math grades
Teacher Reflections:

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