Lesson Plan : Plan for the Future

Teacher Name:
 Anthony Crawford
 Grade 7-8
 Special Education

 Life Skills - Setting Achievable Goals
 The book that will be used is called 6-8 Life Skills-Located in the Blue Cabinet on the top shelf. (Tommy Henderson, Vanessa Martinez and Roderick Obenyua will not read publicly)Please select students at random to read pages 1 to 5.
 The goal of this lesson is to get the students to think about what they think that they might like to do with their lives as an adult. Moreover, the teacher wants them to start thinking about what they need to do now to start working towards that goal.
 Read and understand pages 1 through 5. Students will write down or draw what they see themselves as an adult. They will list the steps necessary to make their dreams come true and understand why they need to take these steps.
 Their book, pen, paper, colors or markers. (Please be aware that Nathaniel Chen and Auzzuir Shabazz may not use markers)
 Ask students to read the first five pages. Discuss with them what they have read, make sure that each student understands the information covered, then ask each student to either write down their goals or draw a picture of what they wish to be.
 TEACHER: Please make your own list of goals either from your past schooling and becoming a teacher or list your future goals or draw a picture of your goal and show your list or picture to the students.
 The children will list their goals or draw a picture of what they want to become. Please oversee this and assist students as needed. Please verify that all students are on task.
 Ask the students to show you their work. Ask the student if what they have writtenor drawn is really what they see themselves doing and would they be happy doing that job or having thier own business. Differentiated instruction, according to Carol Ann Tomlinson (as cited by Ellis, Gable, Greg, & Rock, 2008, p. 32), is the process of �ensuring that what a student learns, how he/she learns it, and how the student demonstrates what he/she has learned is a match for that student�s readiness level, interests, and preferred mode of learning�. Differentiation stems from beliefs about differences among learners, how they learn, learning preferences and individual interests (Anderson, 2007).
Checking For Understanding:
 Ask the students to share with the class their goals or their picture. (Nathaniel Chen, Auzzuir Shabazz, Tommy Henderson, Vanessa Martinez, Roderick Obenyua and Doshanay, are only to share their goals/pictures with the teacher.
 Go over the goals and or pictures with the students to either confirm that they have achievable goals or if they need to rethink their goals.
 (Nathaniel, Auzzuir, Tommy and Roderick are to share with their foster parents and Vanessa shares with her house parents at her Child Protective Services residence. The next day in class ask the students to write down what they have done to get them closer to their dream and ask them this every Thursday 30 minutes before leaving class.
Teacher Reflections:
 Please track the students progress by asking them to list what they have been doing to achieve their goals or draw aa picture of what they have done to get closer to their goals.

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