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 Grade 9-10

 Social Skills for children with E/BD involve learning to behave appropriately in social situations. This lesson plan teaches through role play and discussion how to say "no" nicely but firmly.
 Social skills role play and activity sheets Key Vocabulary: Crossing the line, Pushy, Aggressive, Annoying, Nice, Firm, No.
 The student will demonstrate a firm but nice way of telling people "no" when someone has become annoying, demanding, or pushy.
 Given a role play activity, students will demonstrate various ways of telling a pushy or aggressive person "no". Given a blank "Hey, Stop Being Pushy" activity sheet, the student will demonstrate approproate responses to an assertive person by filling in the activity sheet.
 Hey, Stop Being Pushy activity sheet Masking tape Pencils for use in filling in the activity sheet Minimum Script for role play activity
 1. Make a line on the floor with masking tape. Tell your class this line is to demonstrate people who cross the line in getting what they want. Ask for a volunteer to give an example of someone who acts pushy to get his or her way. Ask the volunteer to stand at the tape and to cross the line while explaining how he or she is acting pushy. 2. Write the terms "assertive" and "aggressive" on the board. Read students the following story as an example to demonstrate pushy (aggressive) and firm but fair (assertive) behavior. Fred asks you to help him on the computer for just five minutes right after school today. You agree to meet him as soon as the bell rings. Your Mom had told you to come home right after school. You have an appointment at your dentist, but you know you can make it easily if you meet Fred right after school. You wait 15 minutes after school and Fred does not show up. You worry you'll miss your appointment at the dentist. Just as you are starting to leave, he shows up nearly 20 minutes late. You say you have another appointment and cannot stay to help after all because it is too late. He ries to talk you into staying to show him just a couple of "how-to's" on the computer. He says it will only take you a minute. You picture yourself rushing home and then having to wait at the dentist's office because you were late and they took the next patient. You decide to make your needs nicely but firmly known to Fred. You tell him you have to leave right now and you will help him another day when you do not have an appointment.
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