Lesson Plan : Attributes - Color

Teacher Name:
 Gail Martin
 Grade 7-8
 Special Education

 Color Names
 Names of the following colors: red, blue, yellow, green, black, white
 The learner will indicate the color given, "Show me (name of color)."
 The learner will be able to match items of the same color when the teacher says, "This is (color name), show me (color name)."
 Attribute blocks and shapes in the colors given
 Today we are going to look at (color name). We are going to find things that are (color name).
 1. Teacher will show a card with the color on it and say, "This is (name of color)." Then the teacher will go through the blocks and shapes in front of the student saying, "This is (same color name)." 2. Blocks and shapes of one additional color will be put on the table in front of the student, but the name will not be given. The teacher will again say, "This is (name of color)." Then teacher will pick up another block/shape and say "This is (name of color)." Then picking up one of the "other" color blocks/shapes, the teacher will say, "This is NOT (name of color)," and put it aside.
 After modeling by the teacher with one color, the student will be given an opportunity to practice "give me/show me/point to/etc. (name of color)" as error-free at first with only the correct color of blocks/shapes available for choosing. The teacher will then add blocks/shapes of one other color and after modeling will ask the student "give me/show me/point to/etc.(name of color)." If the student hesitates or starts to pick up the wrong color, the teacher will guide the student to the correct color. There will be numerous trials until the student is able to make the correct choice in at least 4 out of 5 trials.
 Students who are higher functioning can be told the name of two, three, four or more color cards and then be told to "Put the (name of color) blocks/shapes in this box, the (name of color) blocks/shapes in this box, etc." Students who can talk will also be expected to say the color word when shown the color card ("What color is this?" after the teacher has said, "This card is (name of color)."
Checking For Understanding:
 After student has had time to practice independently, the teacher can again ask, "Show me (color name)."
 "You did a good job of matching (color name) today! Tomorrow we will practice again and maybe add another color."
Teacher Reflections:

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