Lesson Plan : Writing About Cam Jansen

Teacher Name:
 Sherry Peeples
 Grade 5
 Special Education

 Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Stolen Diamonds Writing- Description/Descriptive Paragraphs
 Background- Students have previously discussed mysteries they have read or seen on T.V.Students will develop key vocabulary and practice the words by completing context sentences and writing word connection sentences.Students will share descriptions of their character they have developed and explain how they chose their details.
 ewg29- organize and develop ideas using paragraphs. ews09- use verb tenses correctly and appropriately ewg30-use simple and compound sentences and vary their sentence structure ews06-print legibly and use cursive writing
 1. Students will focus on one writing skill at a time with direct instruction of mechanics 2. Students will review six traits of writing-Ideas 3. Students will preview the writing sample and write original paragraphs based on their list-Who+Detail 4. Student will generate an original piece of text based on pre-writing activity.
 Student- novel, Duotang-Worksheets-6 traits-Warm up Activity-completed sheets, Lesson 1-Starting Your Paragraph-Who+detail, pencil, erasers Teacher- Lesson Plan, IEP's, overhead transparency,writing checklist/Observation Sheet-strengths/weaknesses
 The students will be asked to take their ideas and bring them to life. Sentences and paragraphs will beging to take shape. Writer may experiment with different leads, taking different directions, crosing out words and other rough draft allowances.
 Based upon their pre-writing activities and analyzing the paragraphs in warm up of 6 Traits, they will develop a first copy of a developing, descriptive paragraph. They will choose a character and build simple and compound sentences to describe this character.
 They will observe a well developed paragraph on the overhead transparency (which they have already analyzed and declared this a strong descriptive paragraph)and using this sample as well as their pre-writing list they will begin the independent exercise.
 These writing skills have been modified for the students based upon grade 4 provincial expectations. Extra time and direct teacher support will be given to the small group.
Checking For Understanding:
 Frequent comprehension checks will be employed to ensure understanding and on task behaviors.
 This forty minute period will end with student-teacher feedback on the activity. Wrap up activity will include discussion around word choices, sentence structure, and fluency.Students will be asked to check with teacher given sample. The outline of the next steps for tomorrow's lesson will be outlined.
 Student-teacher conference with writing sample Observation checklist for strengths/weaknesses for the purpose of future revisions.
Teacher Reflections:

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