Lesson Plan : Acting Out a Message Using Toys

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Sumner
 Grade 3

 Comprehension/Auditory Memory
 Student will recall five critical elements in a given message by acting out the message using a close set of toys (the critical elements include the pronouns "she" and "he") 90% of the time
 The following toys- little people sets (male and female), dog, cat, cars, bicycle, boat, slide, trampoline, a glass, a banana, an apple, a cookie, a sandwich and a booklet with simple narrations. Each page contains pictures as well as words that describe events. The words in the booklet that are underlined are the 5 elements that Angel has to recall in order for the objective to be met.
 This activity helps develop auditory memory as well as meting sentence level step 6 from the Auditory Learning Guide.
 The toys are placed across the floor where we will seat The teacher, the parent and Angel take turns in being the "narrator". The narrator (the person in charged describing part of a story) open the booklet and describes what the people in the story are doing. The person whose turn is to listen, picks up the toys that apply to the narration and used them represent the narration. In order to do this, the listener will need to recall the 5 elements used in the narration including the pronouns "she" and "he" Remember when reading the story highlight the underlined words by using intonation to guide Angel�s attention toward the elements that need to be recalled. The teacher is the first to be "the narrator". The teacher explains Angel and "mommy" that they are going to play a game in which there will be a listener and a narrator. The narrator will read a page from the booklet (the pictures will help the narrator with the reading) and the listener will use the toys to act out the story. The first turn to be the listener is mommy�s. (to help model the behavior to Angel). The teacher says "listen" and reads the first page from the booklet : She eats bananas and he eats cookies and apples. After hearing the narration (instructions) mommy grabs the little female toy and gives her a banana then grabs the little male toy and gives him a cookie and an apple.
 Then the teacher is the narrator and Angel is the listener. The teacher looks at the next page in the booklet and says "listen" and reads: She rides the bike and he gets in the boat with his dog. After hearing the narration. We hope that Angel grabs the female little person and put her in the bike. And then put the little men and the dog in the boat and pretends he is riding the boat. Mom will have a turn to be the narrator and Angel will be the listener. Mom looks at the next page in the booklet to read from it and says "listen" He sits in the chair while she rides in the black car
Checking For Understanding:
 Angel responses to the task
Teacher Reflections:

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