Lesson Plan : Introduction to Fractions

Teacher Name:
 Grade 2
 Special Education

 Learning Targets: I can recognize the equal parts of a fraction. I can read pictures of fractions. I can write a fraction to represent a fractional part of a whole. I can read a fraction to determine if the part is more of less than another function.
 Essential Question: How can we use our knowledge of fractions to help us make something for real-life?
 Math Whizz resource software color sheet with fraction representations center game utilizing fractions
 Introduce fractions by writing the essential question on the board? Students will write possible ideas for what a real life example might be.
 After students have shared their prediction, the Math Whizz software will be shown to explain the fundamentals of a fraction. As each discussion question is presented, students will find the correlating fraction and color in the designated amount. Once finished, they will hold up a number (1-4) to show which problem they think is right on the software.
 Students will make a practice pizza by working in groups. The teacher will identify how the pizza should look. For example, 1/2 pepporoni, 1/2 with olives. Then students will discuss the essential question of real-life connection.
 One student that is in a self-contained classroom and another that has a diagnosis of MMD will work in an even smaller group with a partner (Think, Pair, Share). During this small group activity, the teacher will facilitate the center with questions and the students will work together to arrive at an answer. Also, for the exit strategy, some students will require a scribe to complete the activity.
Checking For Understanding:
 The practice sheet that was completed will be corrected with descriptive feedback. If time allows in the class, the paper will be handed back to the students to allow for adjustments in their paper.
 Children will write on a piece of paper what they learned for the day. This statement or paragraph will be the exit ticket for the students.
Teacher Reflections:

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