Lesson Plan : Behavioral Goals

Teacher Name:
 Brandon Gupton
 Grade 9-10
 Special Education

 The student will work in a classroom setting while staying on task. This student has had problems staying on task and has interrupted class at times through behaving incorrectly. At times she has yelled out in class, got others off task, and not fully completed her work.
 Student will be assigned work within the classroom such as working on her English paper. She will write a short story that she needs to have done for her English class.
 Student will stay on task throughout the class period while writing the short story rough draft. The student will be limited to talk to other students in the class. She will not be disruptive to others or the teacher.
 Student will stay on task and complete work for her English class. We want her to understand that by staying on task and working on her school work it can take her mind away from things that would disrupt the class or herself from getting the assignment complete.
 Loose-leaf paper, pen or pencil, dictionary
 Hello students! Today we will begin a short story in which can be anything of your choice. Make sure that you brainstorm first and then begin writing your rough draft. The story should be 1-2 pages and if you have any questions you may ask me at any time.
 This is where I would show her how I would like the brainstorming to look and then begin her rough draft. Once we have that understood I will then set her in an area where she can concentrate and feel comfortable in that environment.
 She will now practice the brainstorming activity with myself and then we will begin writing her rough draft so that she can have time to review the information and make sure that she has all the facts that make up the short story.
 Student will be placed at a table close to the teachers desk so that she can be monitored and apply herself throughout the class period. This will allow her to work independently and can ask questions at any time. This is also so that no other student keeps her off track from what she needs to accomplish.
Checking For Understanding:
 Throughout the class period I will check and make sure that she is working effectively and everything is going smooth. I will look at her brainstorming and her rough draft and help her with the problems I see. This will give her an idea of what is suppose to be in the paper.
 At the end of the period I would take the paper up and begin to review the writing. Making sure that everything is in place and it is structured properly. She will also have an opportunity to ask questions and I would go over information regarding the rest of the paper. I would praise her for her efforts and for her behavior on the day if it was appropriate.
 Write down information and put it in her folder or binder on her progress made in the classroom. How she behaved in the class and how much work she was able to get done for the day. I would then talk to the special ed dept and discuss further plans and evaluations for her. Towards the end of the week an ARC meeting may be needed.
Teacher Reflections:
 Overall, I feel this would be good for her because it would put her in a good learning environment and keep her on task. Keeping her close to the teachers desk would allow her to ask questions and the teacher could observe her behavior more frequently.

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