Lesson Plan : Systematic vocabulary Development

Teacher Name:
 Dawn Fox
 Grade 5
 Language Arts

 To use complex word families when reading in order to decode unfamiliar words and their meanings. Standard: Vocabulary and Concept Development 1.1.2
 Spiders, ripe, drip, rise, pier (define), spied (define), Sid (name of a person use capital)
 For the students to understand Letter-sound relationships and learn how to look for patterns in words and to usethese learned words to decode unknown words.
 Students will understand the patterns that words can make and how the alphabet system works and will in turn gain a greater phonemic awareness as they listen for the sounds in words in order to make them.
 "Making Words" letter cards, letter card holders, paper and pencil, teacher's manual.
 Children are given their letters that will be used in the lesson. Teacher writes the number 2 on her white board. She tells the group that she wants them to make the two letter word that they will begin with. The word is "is".
 Teacher asks the students now to make three and four letter words and then five and six letter words: sip, Sid, sir rip, pie, dip, drip,ripe, rise, ride, side, pier, pride, spied, spider, spiders.
 Students will be given their own letters and letter card holders to make new words and to practice the letter sound relationships.
 English Language Learners: Students will be given a list of words that they will be making from the letters. Teacher will review the list with the students prior to the lesson. Teacher will give meanings to words given.
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher will ask students to look at the words in the pocket chart. Teacher will ask students to find the rhyming words and patterns in the words they made.
 Teacher will ask students to figure out the word that will use all of the letters they have. She will give a hint that it is something they have learned about in Science, an arachnid.
 Teacher will look for signs such as phonemic awareness that corresponds to the spelling pattern being taught by the words they are making and sounding out.
Teacher Reflections:

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