Lesson Plan : Name Processing- Speech

Teacher Name:
 Grade 5
 Special Education

 Speech-Language Therapy
 Naming, Timed Sample, Processing, Categorical Naming
 Student will improve their ability to name items of a given category or under certain criteria.
 Under a timed and audio recorded sample, the student will be asked to name a minimum of -25- items of a given category or certain criteria.
 Tape Recorder, Audio Tape, Tally Marks Up to -25-, Permanent Marker, Charts, Timer
 Student will record their obtained time in minutes & seconds and the appropriate date on their chart. Student will chart their performance once 10 samples are obtained to determine their individual progress.
 Student will be given directives orally by the Speech-Language Therapist prior to beginning each timed/recorded sample. Speech-Language Therapist will determine the set criteria for the -25- items prior to each timed/recorded sample.
 Each session will serve as a practice session for the next, up to the ninth session.
 Accommodations have been built into this student's lesson and will be carried out each session that this timed/recorded sample is obtained.
Checking For Understanding:
 Following the oral directives being given, the student will be prompted to ask any questions prior to beginning the timed/recorded sample.
 Student will be encouraged after each session to practice outside of the therapy room. At the end of each timed/recorded sample, student will be asked to assess their performance compared to previous data taken from prior sessions.
 Measures of progress will be charted after each session to show the student how far they've come and where they would like to be in the future.
Teacher Reflections:

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