Lesson Plan : Place Value To Millions

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Collins
 Grade 3
 Special Education

 Place Values
 Ones, Tens, Hundreds, Thousands, Ten Thousands, Hundred Thousands, Millions, Periods, Standard Form, Word Form, Expanded Form, Place Value Chart
 Understand the value represented by each digit in a number series, ranging from 1 to 1,000,000 and be able to express and convert interachangeably into standard, word and expanded form. The student will be able to verbalize the correct value for each digit placed.
 Student will be able to take any number up to 1,000,000 and chart each digit's place value on a chart. Student will understand how the placement of a number indicates it's value and express what that value is. The student will take a two minute cool down period when anxiety builds and notify teacher (politely) when ready to resume.
 Gen Ed. worksheets, textbook examples, dry erase board, manipulatives, place value chart
 Done in gen ed class.
 Bridge the work started in gen ed class to student's ability level by reading the questions, checking for understanding and using hands-on practice with manipulatives.
 guided practice to make sure an understanding of what is being asked is reached.
 Read problems to student. Have place value chart with categories listed, i.e. ones, tens, hundreds...
Checking For Understanding:
 gen ed. tests/quizzes; resource assessment
 explain how the ability to chart into place value is an enduring understanding because it will be covered in later grades with bigger numbers but that the pattern is the same so no matter what size the number if the foundational understanding of place value is there, student will be able to chart it.
Teacher Reflections:

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