Lesson Plan : What Can I Afford?

Teacher Name:
 Meredith Halstead
 Grade 9-10
 Special Education

 Special Ed. Career Planning/Financial Planning/Consumer Math
 The students will determine what job they want to hold, what the salary would look like, and what they could and could not afford with that salary. Vocabulary-Occupation, Salary, Taxes, Finance, Debit, Credit, Bill, Annual,Bi-weekly, Savings,etc.
 1. The student will begin the process of sorting out jobs they do and do not like. 2. Students get an idea of what their salary would be and how much they would have to spend each month. 3. Students will learn to budget money. 4. Students will work on basic math such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
 After completing this lesson, students should be able to make a spending budget based on a salary from a job given to them or that they research. Students should complete be able to achieve this with at least an 85% accuracy.
 Students will be able to use computers and calculators.
 The students and I will watch a video about different careers. We will then discuss some careers and criteria that has to be met to have that career. I will tell the students that they are going to be picking a career that interests them and then see whay kind of lifestyle they will be able to afford with that career.
 I will show the students a couple examples of careers, their duty descriptions, and the salary they make. I will then show students how they break down the income by months and weeks. I will also discuss with students that part of their salary will go to bills, part to savings, and part for spending.
 Students will work through a couple jobs and salaries with me. We will break it down together using an overhead and see what they would be able to do with this salary.
 Certain students will need the assistance of an aide.
Checking For Understanding:
 I will watch the students as they work to see if they are understanding. I will also look over the students math as they work to see if they are adding, subtracting, dividing, etc. correctly.
 Once the students are finished we will compare jobs and salaries with the class. The students will discuss whether this job could support them and provide a good lifestyle.
 Students should be able to complete this activity with assistance this with at least an 85% accuracy.
Teacher Reflections:
 Teacher will review each aspect of the lesson and decide what went smoothly and what could be changed. Students will reflect on the students scores and see if there are any strong or weak areas that need reviewed.

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