Lesson Plan : What is the same

Teacher Name:
 Carolyn Ewing
 Special Education

 Same and Different (EDITED)
 Recognition of two items that are the same and one item that is different.
 The student will be able to choose the two items that are the same and the item that is different will remain on the table.
 Given a set of items Student will use hand, arm, or head to point and/or move like items to a different area, three out of four sessions.
 Four sets of like items Four sets of different items
 The teacher will present each item to be used one at a time making sure the child's attention is focused on the items. Teacher will introduce each item by using the item's name and using it in a sentence. This will ensure that all children have prior knowledge of each item.
 When the student's attention is focused the teacher will place and name item color, shape, or name of toy to the student. Teacher will then place the items on the table in chosen order. Teacher will name the item as it is placed on the table. Teacher will ask for a specific item, and then point to it or pick it up and state the name of the item again.
 As the teacher is working with the students, they will use the Introduction and Development procedures to guide them through this activity. The teacher will keep a checklist noting the the number of successes and type of cues given.
  * Student will perform work at a table or on wheelchair tray. * Student may use the part of their body that works to point or move items. * Instruction will be given verbally. * Task will be demonstrated for visual.
Checking For Understanding:
  * Teacher will tally checklist and personal observations: - note day and time of best performance - note which teacher was working with student - note items used (shape, color, toys) - note the health and attitude of student
 Student successfully completed goal,what cues helped the most, which teacher helped the student focus the most, and what items (colors and shapes) was the student most interested in? If the student was not successful I would use the same premise in reverse.
 Compare data collected each week. Plans will be based on this data.
Teacher Reflections:
 What successes are being made? Is this lesson understood by all children? What will I do for those who are not understanding? What is working for the group? What is my next step?

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