Lesson Plan : The Pearl

Teacher Name:
 John Blackwell
 Grade 7-8
 Special Education

 Decision Making
 Literature, comprehension, life skills, vocabulary
 Enhance reading comprehension Learn how to read novels Learn appropriate decision-making skills
 Facilitate understanding of the importance of rules in society Relate decision-making skills to each students own personal experiences Foster an appreciation for reading Help students develop an understanding for what the author's point of view and what he/she is trying to convey
 Power-point presentations, hypermedia, movie,
 Read "The Pearl" as an entire class chapter-by-chapter. Use anticipation guide before each chapter to draw student attention.
 After each chapter is complete, break into groups of two-three to discuss the authors main points, the decisions the main charater(s) made & what consequences came with those decisions, and write down unknown vocabulary words
 Students will be grouped with varying levels of thinkers in each group so that they all can benfit from each other. Some chapters will be presented through power point, others will be read from the actual textbook, and if available, the class will also read from electronic text.
Checking For Understanding:
 After every two-three chapters a short-answer assessment will be given in order to test comprehension and vocabulary. The assessment will also include a section to give students a chance to voice thier opinion on the story. Once the entire book is completed, students will complete a book report outlining major themes and thier opinion on the book as related to decision making and how they've learned, through reading the book, to make better decisions.
 I will show a movie on the book in its entirety. Afterwhich I will present my views and points as well as allow the students to orally discuss the book/movie.
 Progress and understanding will be measured through the short-answer assessments and the final report.
Teacher Reflections:

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