Lesson Plan : Letter C

Teacher Name:
 Grade 1
 Special Education

 Identifying the upper and lower case letter C. (EDITED)
 Identify the letter C from a field of 2 Example: Cat, cub , come, color, Reinforce letter C through poetry writing.
 Students will be able to identify the letter C from a field of two and will identify sight words that start with the letter C.
 Given a list of sight words, students will identify the letter C and read 5 words that begin with that letter.
 Upper Case C book Lower Case C book Poem with Upper case C identification Poem with lower case c identification
 Teacher will provide a "Magic Bag". Students will take turns picking items out of the bag and decide if the item begins with the letter C.
 Students will read the poem, The Caterpillar. One student will read the poem to the children 2 times. Each time it is read the children are to clap when they hear the letter C. Students will then read the poem together. The teacher will write an original C poem with the help of the students. This will be written on a chart for the children to see, reinforcing the letter C.
 Students will work with a partner to create their own four-line poems. Teacher and helpers can assist children in writing their poems on chart paper.
 Teacher will pair students when they write their poems. Students who have difficulty will be paired with a student who is strong in reading and writing skills. Students can illustrate their poem to offer artistic students an opportunity to display talent.
Checking For Understanding:
 Give the children a field of 3 letters and point out the letter C - "Touch... C"
 Children will read the poem again with a adult and point out the words that contain the letter C.
 Students will be given a card with the letter C. Each group will read the poems that they made while the children raise their card when they see or hear the letter C.
Teacher Reflections:
 Was there enough challenge for the students who are more advanced in my lesson? How did the students work together in pairs? Were they helpful? Will I do this again and will I change anything to make it work better? What was motivational in my lesson today?

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