Lesson Plan : Hiroshima - Background Information

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 Grade 6

 The Bombing of Hiroshima to provide background knowlege before reading Sadako
 map of Japan WWII Hiroshima Enola Gay Nagasaki Hirohito Atomic Bomb - August 6, 1945
 1) Provide background information on the bombing of Hiroshima, Japan 2) Decoding isolated words from text before reading text 3) Reading phrases off of the board, and discussing the possible meaning 4) Reading a longer passage about Hiroshima 5) Watch quick video segments about Hiroshima
 1) Students will be able to describe what happened to Hiroshima in a general way (not necessarily understand why Hiroshima was bombed). 2) Students will read a longer passage about Hiroshima which gives us some information, but in a biographical kind of way 3) Students will code and decode isolated words
 "The last novel we read was a light-hearted story. (What does light-hearted mean?) Now we are going to read a sad story, that is based on real events. In fact, the story we are going to read is based on the life of a real girl. This girl was from Japan. (Show on map). Japan is in what continent? (Remind them that we wrote haikus last month and that they come from Japan.) Before the story that happens in this book, something happened that has had many effects , even today.
 First, we are going to code the isolated words on the board. All of these words are found in the passage we will read today. Discuss meaning of word if necessary. Read phrases and ask questions, "Which phrase means the area in which the bomb exploded?" "Which phrase means "fell down and lost his awareness of his surroundings"? "very silent", "could not believe what he saw", "empty and destroyed buildings", "help soldiers that were harmed", "salve that was made by hand to calm the people in pain"
 Students will read the passage one at a time and teacher will check for comprehension throughout reading of passage.
 2 slow processors will have more time to answer oral questions and read section of passage students will read sections to themselves before reading out loud
Checking For Understanding:
 Comprehension questions - oral discussion
 Watch video segment and map of Japan to show where bomb actually happened. Some pictures and other picture books available
 Students should answer 3 out of 4 questions correctly. This will be completed at home.
Teacher Reflections:

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