Lesson Plan : Pumpkin Convention

Teacher Name:
 Judith Ann Ragan

 Exploration of A Pumpkin
 Everyday Math around a Pumpkin Key Vocabulary: Pumpkin, sink, float, crease, seeds, fruit, skin, vine, stem,leaf, weight, wide, thin, tall, short, measure,jack-o-lantern, guess, bumpy, smooth, rough, heavy and light
 The students will explore a pumpkin using the Everyday Math guidelines of the Kindergarten program.
 The students will count to 20+, compare and contrast,identify colors/color words,and understand the concepts sink and float.
 Large pumpkin, string, ruler, crayons, weight scale, large tub, water, pumpkin carving knife, large spoon, bowls, potting soil, potting containers, chart paper, markers, chart board Books: The Bumpy Little Pumpkin by Margery Cuyler,Pumpkins by Mary Lyn Ray, Pumpkin Hill by Elizabeth Spurr, Five Little Pumpkins by Iris Van Rynbach
 Anticipatory Set: Play the game I SPY to set the stage for the Pumpkin Convention and the concept of being an observer and scientist throughout our 3 day experiment. Introduce the Pumpkin Convention using the book The Bumpy Little Pumpkin.
 The students will demonstrate the understanding of heavy and light comparing the weight of the pumpkin to their own weight. A stuffed pumpkin and the real pumpkin will be compared first to demonstrate the concepts of heavy and light.
 The pumpkin will be weighed. Each student will be weighed and the numbers will be recorded on the chart paper. The students will determine using a picture card if they are "heavier" or "lighter" than the pumpkin.
Checking For Understanding:
 Use the light and heavy cards to transition students to the next Pumpkin Convention activity. Ask variety of questions to which the children will answer "light" or "heavy" and the correct answer will get them to sit next to the pumpkin.
 Review the activity for light and heavy. Talk about the next activity and prepare them to be ready for more observations.
 Meet each child individually and record information on a teacher made student paper to send home to parent to inform them of the activity.
Teacher Reflections:

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