Lesson Plan : Flicka Units

Teacher Name:
 Mr. C
 Grade 7-8
 Language Arts

 Flicka, the movie version in book format
 Reading comprehension, application
 Students will read the book Flicka and answer comprehension questions.
 Students will read the book Flicka out loud in turns with teacher prompts and teacher assistance for each chapter of the book till the completion of the book. Students will indepedently answer the comprehension questions with 40% accuracy after each chapter is read. Students will work together and answer the comprehension question with 100% accuracy after eacher chapter is read.
 Flicka the book, Supplemental worksheets
 For the first chapter teacher will introduce the book; the teacher will mention the book is a movie and that at the end the class will watch the movie; the teacher will go over the title page and show the parts of the book such as chapters and where the author and publisher can be found. After the first chapter the teacher will recap what has previously been read since it may have been multiple days since the last chapter has been read.
 Students will then take turns reading a page each until the chapter is finished. The teacher should summarize what was said in each page emphasizing things that the students may need to know for the comprehension questions.
 Students will out loud go over the comprehension questions with the teacher. Each student will be asked to answer or if they do not know the answer will be allowed to ask for help or to look in the book for the answer.
 Students will need help with the reading, the teacher will summarize passages fluently.
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher will reassess what was read before the next chapter to ensure that there is some recall.
 Students will complete the fun sheet, it will not be homework but they may do it when they wish. The fun sheet will reinforce key words and ideas.
 Students will learn key words and not need assistance as time goes on with these common words. Teacher can mark key words and see how many times they must prompt the word before the student become independent with it.
Teacher Reflections:
 This book has many difficult words, not only must I break down these words but I must also use them in sentences so that the students are able to understand them. I must also remember to emphasize sentences that I know are on the comprehension sheets. Working as a group is the best way to do the worksheets, just make sure you give everyone a turn, otherwise only one or two will answer all the questions.

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