Lesson Plan : Tolerance

Teacher Name:
 Susan E. Freeland
 Grade 2
 Special Education

 Acceptance Appreciation Awareness Differences Tolerance
 The goal of this lesson is for students to appreciate the differences between them and others.
 Students will identify differences between people. Students will appreciate these differences rather than seeing them as reasons for segregation.
 Blank sheets of paper - enough for each student to have two Boxes of crayons - enough for each cluster of desks to have a box
 Today we are going to do an exercise that talks about how we look at the people in this class and the world.
 "I am going to give each of you one crayon and a sheet of paper. I want you to draw a picture of anything you want, as long as it is school appropriate."
 Have the students draw their picture. Walk around to see, and comment, on each student's picture. Give them about five to seven minutes to complete this activity. Next, distribute a box of crayons to each cluster of desks. Instruct the students to draw the same thing as before, but using at least five different colors in this picture. Encourage them to use more than five if possible.
Checking For Understanding:
 Go around the room and hold up each student's set of drawings. Ask the class which drawing they would rather hang in the classroom. Most children will select the drawing that has lots of colors. Ask them why they selected that drawing.
 Explain how the class is like the box of crayons they used. If all the kids were the same color, shape and size we wouldn't have a very lively drawing. Instead, we come in all different shapes, colors and sizes to make a beautifully diverse picture.
 Have the students fill out a worksheet later that day about what they learned from the tolerance activity. Ask them if it changed how they look at other kids in the class.
Teacher Reflections:

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