Lesson Plan : Money - Pennies and Dimes

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Webb
 Grade 1

 Pennies and Dimes
 Pennies are worth 1 cent Dimes are worth 10 cents (10 pennies)
 I want my students to be able to identify pennies and dimes from a group of coins. I would also like for them to be able to exchange pennies dimes. Ultimately, I would like my students to be able to calculate how much a group of pennies and dimes are worth.
 SWBAT identify a penny and a dime. SWBAT exchange pennies for nickels and dimes.
 Pennies and dimes Charts describing a penny and a dime.
 Review what a penny looks like and how much it is worth. Review counting by pennies (ones). Introduce what a dime looks like. Post the chart that shows a dime equalling 10 pennies. Introduce counting by dimes (counting by tens).
 Post an example problem of a dime and a penny. Model counting ten for the dime, and one for the penny. Model writing the total, 11 cents. Show the students that when I see a dime, I can exchange the one dime for ten pennies and count by ones. Model several more examples.
 Have the students pick out a few combinations of pennies and dimes. (Do one combination at time together.) Make sure that before we calculate totals, everyone has the correct amount of pennies and dimes. Practice counting the combinations together. Start with combinations that are only pennies, then only dimes, then a mixture.
 I expect different levels from different students. I may expect some of my students to be able to calculate combinations of dimes and pennies, but I expect others only to be able to calculate combinations of pennies.
Checking For Understanding:
 Constant checks for understanding throughout the guided practice through teacher observation. Review independent practice.
 Ask the students to tell me how to count by pennies and dimes. Ask them to show me what a penny looks like and what a dime looks like.
 Independent practice.
Teacher Reflections:
 I will review the independent practice to see what I need to reteach with the students.

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