Lesson Plan : Dividing By Groups

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Barnes
 Grade 5
 Special Education

 Diving Numbers by Grouping
 Students will be able to use "reverse" grouping to determine the inverse relationship between multiplication and division.
 -To convert a division number sentence into groups -To solve a division problem using the above skill
 Overhead projector or whiteboard, overhead markers or dry erase markers, paper, crayons or markers and prepared one-digit by one-digit division problems, (and one-digit by two-digit division problems for an extension activity)
 Teacher will have the class stand, and tell the class to break into groups of 2 or 3 (depending on the number of students to end up with an even number of groups). The students will then determine how many groups they form. Write the number of students in the class, the number of students in each group, and the number of groups formed on the board or overhead. Teacher will tell the students that we will learn how to break numbers into even groups the same way, and tell the students that this is called "Division." Students will take their seats.
 Teacher will tell the students that the numbers on the board can be used to form a division problem. Can anyone look at the numbers and make an educated guess about what number was divided, or broken down? The teacher will tell the students that the number is the (dividend or) the 1st number in the problem. The number of people in each group is the 2nd number in the problem, and the answer is the number of groups total. Teacher will model grouping a given number sentence. 25/5 we know that 5 is the number in each group, so let's draw dots or tallies in groups of 5... let's circle these groups... how many do we have?
 Give the students 2 color crayons or markers. One color will be for the tallies or dots and the other will be to circle the groups. Have them solve a problem with you using two colors.
 Pairs instead of individual practice.
Checking For Understanding:
 Questions throughout the activity.
 Have students review outloud which numbers in a number sentence represent the number being divided, the number in each group, and the number of groups.
Teacher Reflections:

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