Lesson Plan : Summary paragraph for Shark Lady

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 Grade 5
 Language Arts

 Writing a summary paragraph for a chapter in the book Shark Lady, a biography of Eugenie Clark
 Summary, topic sentence, supporting details (events), subject and verbs
 Students will write an organized paragraph that summarizes a chapter from the book Shark Lady. CA Standards: (for fifth grade) 2.3 (Reading) Discern main ideas and concepts presented in texts, identifying and assessing evidence that supports those ideas. 1.2 a (Writing) Establish a topic, important ideas, or events in sequence or chronological order.
 1) Write a topic sentence using a "summary verb" such as "discuss", "explains", and "describes". 2) Writes at least 4 well-formed sentences that will make up the body of the paragraph. 3) Comprehends the chapter and will be able to discuss it orally in class.
 Overhead and board, highlighters
 What is a summary? How should a paragraph begin? We are going to take a look at 2 more examples of well-written summaries, and will locate the topic sentence and the supporting details or events. We will underline the topic sentence and highlight the "summary verbs" with a highlighter. (Class reads, discusses and highlights verb in topic sentences.)
 Before we write our own summaries for Chapter 12, we will do 2 things: 1) Review what happened in that chapter. 2) Develop a summary plan. Class will discuss Chapter 12 and review what happened. Teacher may write notes on board and sketch quick drawings to show oral summary pictorially. (Auditory/Visual)
 Summary plan: Class will work on summary plan. Teacher will use overhead to demonstrate and guide the process. First, class will come up with a good topic sentence, then list the events that happened in Chapter 12. Students copy onto their own copies of summary plan (Auditory/Visual/Kinesthetic).
 Collin - needs to type the paragraph from the beginning for OT reasons Kayden - will be encouraged to share answers since he has low confidence ; will repeat directions for him and ask him to repeat directions; may ask him to stand up if he gets too fidgety or he may fidget with something at his desk Meglan - will be encouraged to participate since she tends to sit quietly and not volunteer much
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will share and do a short "peer-editing" in pairs. Teacher will walk around and skim through paragraphs as students edit each other's papers. Teacher will also conference with each student about their paragraphs. (Auditory, Visual (reading), Kinesthetic (correcting errors))
 2 students will read their summaries in front of the class the next day. The students will comment on their summaries with 1) one good thing and 2) something that may need a little work after the teacher gives her feedback. Students have had practice giving criticism and comments about other students' work. (Auditory and Visual (the reader))
 1) Summary paragraph evaluated by the teacher
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