Lesson Plan : Create a Play.

Teacher Name:
 Cindy Stone
 Grade 7-8
 Special Education

 The class will read the book "The Little Cookie". They will then match classmates to each character in the book. Students will then write scripts for each character adapting the book as necessary to make it into a play. They will write invitations to parents and other classes and faculty on campus to come to the performance of the play.
 At the end of this lesson students will be able to read a text and re-write the text in play form, making changes and adding elements to make it work on stage.
 Students will need to read the book, match classmates to characters (thinking about which students would best portray each character from the book). Students will then develop scripts for each character. The scripts will be corrected, self-edited and typed. The play will then be practiced, a performance date will be set and invitations will be typed and sent. Students will then make costumes and perform the play.
 The book "The Little Cookie", paper, pencil, computer and art supplies.
 The lesson will be introduced as the teacher reads the story of "The Little Cookie" aloud to the class.
 Following the story the students will be asked to match the characters in the story to classmates. Discussion about character traits and reasons for choices will take place in this group activity.
 Once the characters have been chosen the students will be asked to write a script for their character based on the story. They will write a rough draft, corrections will be made. The class will then type their scripts, developing their final draft. Students will also write invitation letters for the play and make necessary corrections before typing and sending. Students will also make simple costumes for themselves using art supplies. (eg.,paperplate masks)
 A few students will need to have thier scripts dictated to them as they write, make corrections and then type.
Checking For Understanding:
 The teacher will check final drafts of scripts and invitations. The teacher will also act as dirctor at play practices and costume making activity.
 Students will turn in final scripts and perform play for parents and friends.
 The lesson flows well, giving a full week of related activities. It incorporates reading, writing and arts and crafts.
Teacher Reflections:
 The students were very excited about the play and learning the process and format for their scripts. They were less excited to practice the play often but enjoyed performing on stage for their audience.

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