Lesson Plan : Turkey Hunting

Teacher Name:
 Special Education

 Increase use of Descriptive Language
  Kindergarten Basic Descriptive skills/Expresssive Language colors: green, blue, purple, black, white, yellow, red, brown, orange designs: stripes, polka dots, checkerborad design, plaid design, zigzag design
 The students will improve expressive language skills
 to improve categorization skills to learn the concept of "pair" to increase use of descriptive language
 Turkey cards with varying colors and designs
 discuss the colors and background designs of the turkey
 sort the cards into categories according to color or design have the students sort the cards into categories according to color and design
 Play the game: Deal three cards to each child, leaving the rest of the cards face down in a pile on the tabel..One child describes one of their cards by asking "do you have a green turkey with white stripes?" If the other student has the described card, it is given to the child requesting it. If not the child tells the requesting child, "Go Turkey Hunting" Play continues until all the cards are paired.
  Descriptions will be measured according to design and color, students will not be penalized for incorrect sound productions
Checking For Understanding:
  Students will categorize the cards by color and design by matching card by color to sheets of colored paper
  Students will identify all the various colors and designs of the turkey cards
  Students will correctly identify the colors with 80% accuracy Students will correctly identify the designs with 80% accuracy
Teacher Reflections:
  Judge the difficulty or ease of the students identifying the target colors and designs. Judge the time factor for completing the activity

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