Lesson Plan : Zany Wacky Newspaper Stories

Teacher Name:
 Sharon Lane
 Grade 7-8

 Zany Wacky Writing
 Learning the parts of the Providence Journal newspaper. Key vocabulary: Front page, feature stories, by line, 5 WHs and how, comics, ads, editorial, sports news, national, international, state, local news.
 After teacher model and display newspaper and help students to find labels for various pages of the newspaper, student will then demonstate their knowledge of the Newspaper sections by labeling the words on a newspaper with blank lines.
 -student will located where newspaper index is located. -student will show where front page is located -student will show where is feature story student will show where to find the comics student will show where sports news is located student will show where to find editorial page student will show where to find international, national, state, and local news.
 use of overhead machine, newspaper for each student, list of newspaper vocabulary words
 How many of you read the newspaper this morning? What do you find interesting? Do you know where to find the comics? The sports page? if you haven't read the paper this morning, no problem, I'm here to teach you how the newspaper will benefit your life.
 This is the Front page which usually has the most important news. How many important news does this front page have? 5? Let's list them in order of International News, National, State, and local news. Usually the bold or the largest headline is the most important news. What else is on the front page? How many sections does the newspaper have? 4 sections? What are they called?
 Divide into 2-3 groups and each group study a different section of the newspaper. Make a list of 4 things covered by your newspaper section. Okay, now share what we have learned with the others.
 Use of visual and hands-on instructions along with use of American Sign Language since all of the 7 students will be Deaf or hard of hearing and dependent upon visual communication which I as the teacher will provide.
Checking For Understanding:
 Given a series of questions, students will find and put down the page number. e.g. Asked to find Comic, student will be able to locate and write page number. Asked to find a feature story, student will find and write the page number. Ask to
 Students will be reminded that we will get free newspaper for the next 2 weeks. We will be reading the newspapers and doing writing skills.
 If each students are able to understand, display their knowledge by passing their assessment by 80%, I feel that will be satisfactory.
Teacher Reflections:

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