Lesson Plan : Gravity and Forces

Teacher Name:
 Paige Moore
 Grade 7-8

 Gravity and Forces
 gravity free fall terminal velocity friction magnitude balanced force unbalanced force net force newton Isaac Newton
 All students will master at least 80% of the content evaluated by Friday's test. Those students who do not meet 80% mastery will correct their tests over the weekend and retest on Monday.
 PS A.2.a To ananlyze the direction and effects of forces in a variety of situations. (e.g. gravity and friction) PS A.2.b Compare and contrast forces that are balanced and unbalanced. PS A.2.c Use arrows to illustrate the magnitude and direction of a force applied to an object. PS A.2.d Analyze the effect of an unbalanced force on an object's motion in terms of speed and direction. PS A.2.e Analyze the effect of balanced forces on an object's motion in terms of speed and direction. PS A.2.f Predict what happens to an object at rest or an object in motion when unbalanced forces act upon it. PS A.2.i Describe the motion of an object in free fall.
 overhead projector
 1. Read pages 226-228 in Challenge the Pact book. Answer the Questions for Review on page 229. 2. Define vocabulary terms. 3. Take notes and discuss the main ideas.
 1. Tricks with Friction 2. A Helping Hand
 1. Balancing Butterflies 2. Splat!
 1. Research can be completed in Mrs. Smith's room, if needed, by resource students. 2. Resource students will be allowed to test in Mrs. Smith's room for additional help and small group testing.
Checking For Understanding:
 1. Review worksheet
 Use an exit slip each day to write down at least one thing you learned for that day.
 1. Splat! activity - informal observation 2. Mobile Making - finished product 3. Research paper on Isaac Newton 4. Test on Friday
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