Lesson Plan : How The Five Senses Take In Information

Teacher Name:
 Melinda Kennedy
 Grade 3

 The Five Senses
 Reading several books about Helen Keller, Explore the five senses of smell,taste,hearing, touch and sight
 The students will be able to listen and read to acquire information and understanding involves collecting data facts and ideas; discovering relationships,concepts and generalizations and using knowledge from oral and written sources.
 Given an object (slice of orange, dried spaghetti, peppermint candy, etc.) the blind folded student will identify the object through the senses of touch,smell and taste. THe student will tell the teacher what senses he/she is using to identify the fruit with 100% accuracy. Given a picture of an object(such as an ice cream cone) the student will write a description that includes what senses we use to identify the object utilizing at least five characteristics. Given a passage from the Helen Keller book (the passage is about Helen discovering what the word water meant)the student will describe what senses Helen used to identify the concept of water with 100 % accuracy. After discussing the five senses with the teacher the student will define five vocabulary words used when describing the senses with 100% accuracy.
 Several books on Helen Keller A copy of My Five Senses by Margaret Miller, paper, pencils (color and graphite), orange, peppermint candy, dried and cooked spaghetti, raisins, peanut butter, Blindfold
 After reading at least two books about Helen Keller the student and teacher will discuss the five senses and how we use them every day. The teacher will ask the student to describe what senses he/she uses to identify everyday objects. After discussing the five senses the teacher will tell the student that they will be guessing what a few objects are, utilizing some of these senses.
 The instructional models that will be used, include expository and inquiry learning. The students will be asked to describe the five senses they use everday to identify objects. THe students will describe these five senses using both oral and written means. THe students will explore several objects using all of their senses at times and also with one or two of the senses taken away at the teacher's descretion. The students will learn how to identify objects without the use of all of their senses. The students will also learn about the five senses through reading and discussion about the Helen Keller books and the My Five Senses book with the teacher.
 The students will write a three to five line paragraph describing what senses they used to identify the objects. The teacher will provide vocabulary words that describe the five senses. The students will be given clues, through the Margaret Miller book, that will assist them in their writing.
 English Language Learners can describe the objects in their native language (both written and orally) as well as in English with teacher assistance. Special education students will be assisted by the diverse use of their five senses. For example students are given the opportunity to smell,touch and taste the objects in question. These students will also be assisted through one on one instruction.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will be assessed for their understanding through both oral and written feedback. Students will describe to their teacher which of the five senses they will use to identify the objects around them everyday. They will keep an ongoing log of which senses they used throughout the day. The students can also verbally describe which of the five senses used. THe teacher will observe the students participation in the discussion as well as their ability to point to the crrect place while listening to the story. THe teacher can also assess the students understanding by the pictures of the objects that they draw.
 THe teacher will review the story of Helen Keller. The students will be asked what they could do to help a person like Helen Keller. THe students suggestions should include a description of the senses used to help someone like Helen. Also after the book my five senses is read and discussed, the teacher will write the five senses on a piece of paper so the studetns can see what they look like in print. Then the students will take out paper and crayons. They will be instructed to write their favorite sense word on the top of their paper and draw a picture that explains why they chose that particular sense. The teacher may want to provide a model by writing "hear" and drawing music notes.
 THe students will be evaluated by using a check list that will include the five senses and how the student used and described them. The students will be assessed by how many of the five vocabulary words that are used in the description of the senses. The students will also discuss with the teacher the five senses used to describe the objects of the lesson.
Teacher Reflections:
 Were the students about to appreciate Helen Keller and the difficulty she experienced in her life? Did they gain an appreciation of their senses? Was this hands on approach successful? Did the students enjoy this lesson?

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