Lesson Plan : Grow A Word!

Teacher Name:
 Jamie Crumlish
 Grade 1

 Students will 'grow' a word of their choice using potting soil and grass seeds. The children will observe the growth of their planting and report on their findings.
 Science/ Language Arts
 Students will be able to: 1. Collectively agree upon a word to 'grow' 2. Spell the word they have chosen to grow. 3. Plant the seeds in a responsible and safe manner. 4. Care for the grass as it grows. 5. Chart their observations of the grass. 6. Articulate what kind of an enviornemnt the grass needs to grow.
 To observe a living plant in the classroom. To work collectively to ensure the growth of the planting.
 Students will need: * Potting soil * Planting box * Grass seeds * Popsicle stick * Water * Pencils * Paper
 This lesson will begin with a clear explanation of how we can 'grow' a word, and what types of word would be appropriate to 'grow' in our classroom. Studnets will be encouraged to participate by inquiry and suggestion.
 The materials needed will be on hand to demonstrate how we can 'trace' word in the soil and plant seeds in the outline. Studnets will then be asked to come up with suggestions of what word we should plant. Studnets will have the opportunity to discuss options with their peers before voting on what word will ultimatly be planted.
 Children will be grouped as follows: Group A- Spellers: These students will write out the word in clear handwriting. Group B- Tracers: These students will be responsible for tracing the word in the soil. Group C- Watering Team: These students will have the responsibility of watering the grass after the planting as well as through the course of this activity.
 Students will be allowed to sketch their findings if necessary.
Checking For Understanding:
 Studnets will be assessed using the rubric attached to this treatment.
 Upon conclusion we will develop a chart that will state observations made, these will include both written and illustrated renderings. We will then discuss how the grass grew, what enviornemnt it needed and how it relates to our topic of Spring.
Teacher Reflections:

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