Lesson Plan : Poems With Two Voices of the Holocaust

Teacher Name:
 Erin Clouden
 Grade 7-8
 Language Arts

 Holocaust Poetry
 Holocaust, duet poetry
 The students will read poetry.
 The students will read a poem with two voices chorally
 copies of poems from Joyful Noise by Paul Fleishmann; paper, pencils, 2 poems written about the same topic but from two different points of view.
 Ask the students what musical word means "two singing". Ask why poetry is like music. Explain that today the students will be exploring duet poetry.
 #1 Read a poem with one voice (Ex: "They Had A System"). Ask: -Why did the child want her mother to stay? -What is "the system"? -After reading the last paragraph, what happened to the girl? Read another poem with a different voice on the same topic (EX: "A Dead Child Speaks") Ask: -What does the poet mean when she says "someone took the knife of parting"? What is really going on? -What did her mother do "so taht it should not strike me"? -What does the poet mean: "After the knife of parting/ cut in two each bite I swallowed-...And every voice of comfort pierced my heart"? -What was the person feeling in the last stanza of the poem? After reading both poems, ask students how the poems might sound if you heard the other side of the story (ex: The Nazi's) as you heard the first side. #2 Ask students: How are the lines broken up in a poem with two voices? Teacher shows an example using the holocaust/Anne Frank (see: http://www.writingproject.org/cs/nwpp/print/nwpr/2229 ) Guide students to the following elements of poetry with two voices: lines next to each other are said simulataneously whether or not they ar ethe same words, if only one side has a line only that line is heard, it shows two different views on the same topic.
 #1 The teacher explains how to read a poem in two voices or "duet" poem. With a volunteer, the teacher will read a poem for two voices. The first poem wull not deal with the HOlocaust or Anne Frank. The teacher will then split the class in half. One half will read the left side while the other will read the left side simultaneously. The students may also pratice reading a poem with two voices with a partner. #2 Show students another example (a combination of "A Dead Child Speaks" and "They Had A Sysytem")
 -Students can work in pairs to write their poems. -Students can read more poems from "Joyful Noise" until they understand the concept of poetry with two voices. -The written poem can either be for the holocaust or about Anne Frank.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will be assessed on their written poetry.
 The teacher will review with the students the effect that a poem with two voices has as compared to a poem with just one voice.
Teacher Reflections:

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