Lesson Plan : Atoms

Teacher Name:
 Miss Copeland
 Grade 7-8

 Stucture of the Atom
 Atomic Structure Atomic Models Atomic Numbers and Isotopes Mass Number and Atomic Number Vocab: atoms, element, electrons, protons, nucleus, neutron, isotopes, radioactivity, atomic mass unit (amu)
 Summarize how models of the atom have changed over time Name and describe the parts of the atom Calculate the numners of protons, neutrons, and electrons in an atom given its mass number
 At the end of the lesson students should be able to label a diagram of a atom on their own and be able to make calculations if given the atomic mass. Students should be participating in class discussions, correcting of problems and be focused on completing individual tasks.
 Worksheets, Textbooks, whiteboard and markers, diagrams and pics of atom structure to put on the board, pass around
 Opening worsheet- a Chp 7 sheet to be worked on individually and quietly for 3-5 mins at the start of the lesson the minute the students enter the room. To open lesson have students respond to a statement/question from or relating to the worksheet.
 1. Go over plan of lesson: today we will be .... Discussion: quick Qs about what we already know. Show models of atoms- Q- can you ID the parts? ID parts of a sketch together as a class 2. Calculations relating to atomic mass. Do a worked EG
 1. Complete own worksheet Qs Id-ing the parts of an atom. 2. Calculate protons and neutrons - worksheet Have students do a few Q's on their own. Check and then then do more on their own
 Extra diagrams, less questions, allowed to use text to help
Checking For Understanding:
 Monitor class work, check homework. Each student has to answer a Q correctly/make a valid statement at the end of the lesson
 Copy down HW. Each thinks of a statment about the lesson to share before leaving
Teacher Reflections:

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