Lesson Plan : The Plant Kingdom

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Laword
 Grade 7-8

 To learn what a plant is, the origin of plants, how plants live on land, and the plants life cycles.
 Key Terms: photosynthesis, cell wall, cellulose, chloroplast, vacuole, tissue, chlorophyll, cuticle, vascular tissue, fertilization, zygote, sporophyte, gametophyte, gamete
 See objectives.
 After completing the lesson students should be able to -identify the characteristics that all plants share; -name all the things that plants need to live successfully and describe the plant life cycle.
 Section 4-1 Guided Reading Questions Worksheet, Section 4-1 Reinforcement Worksheet, and Section 4-1 Skills Lab Worksheet. A potted plant for a visual.
 A potted plant will be displayed and students will be asked to name two ways that it is different from an animal. (Sample: It cannot make noise and does not walk around.)
 Before students read the section, they will discuss what they know about each boldfaced vocabulary word.
 After students have read he section, they will use the main headings and subheadings in the section to create an outline that shows main points and key details. Students will receive a started outline and be instructed to complete it.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will be assigned the Section 1 Review after to check that they fully understood the lessons concepts.
 Students will be given the answers to the section review so that they can check themselves to see if they understand the sections main ideas.
 Students will be given a chapter test at the end of this chapter and students will demonstrate the knowledge that they have gained through this section when they receive the test.
Teacher Reflections:

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