Lesson Plan : EMS A Whole New World

Teacher Name:
 Julie Fowler MICT/TOII
 Grade 11-12

 Orientation/Introduction Introduction to EMS Roles and Responsibilities of the EMT
 Orientation/Introductions of Participants Complete Paperwork Chapter 1-Introduction to EMS FR,EMT,EMT-I,EMT-P,BLS,ALS, CQI, AED,ADA,HIPPA,EMD, Continuing Education, Medical Control
 * Familiarize the students with each other and the facilities. *Complete and Review all paperwork including Grant Forms,Student Forms, Syllabus and Schedule and any other specialty forms needed for each student. *To Orient the EMT student to the field of EMS- covering Chapter 1 in EMT Book.
 *THe EMT-B student will be able to Describe Emergency Medical Services, listing three aspects of the system and how it works. *The EMT-BStudent will be able to list 5 or more roles and responsibilities of the EMT-B related to safety of the patient, the crew and the EMT-B himself. *The EMT-B student will define QA/QI and how the student is involved in the process. *THe EMT-B student will explain medical direction and the EMT-B role in the process. *The EMT-B student will become familiar with state statues and regulations regarding the EMS system in Kansas.(By the end of the course.) *The EMT-B student will be able to state the importance of personal attitude and conduct of EMS technichians. * The EMT-B student will know the various methods used to access the EMS system in thier community.
 [email protected] of student forms, Grant Forms, Syllabus, and [email protected] of Blank paper, Projector, Laptop, AAOS 9th Edition EMT Book, Snacks, 3 Ring Master Notebook, Lesson Plans, Protocols
 *Welcome- Lots to cover, Get thru all paperwork, then ??? * Facilities- Grant Co. EMS and Fire Dept.- Restrooms, No smoking facility. (outside)Pop Machines Cell Phones/pagers addressed.( O.K. but vibrate would be best) *Introduction of Staff- Jerry Jo Comments- Grant Co. system *Icebreaker-*Introduction of Students- Go around the room and state your name, occupation, Favorite Food and why you are taking this class.
 *Sign Roster *Fill out Student Forms & Grant Forms (match Driv. Lic.) *SCCC credit 12 hours 744.00 student responsibility *Review Syllabus & Schedule *Student Mailboxes
 Make arrangements for Snacks/Supper sign up sheet Can bring your own food/drink Address Cleaning up Classroom of trash and helping pick up equipment after labs.
 Chapter 1 Lecture with Slides - Opening Quote- "What we learn with pleasure we will never forget.
Checking For Understanding:
 Answer Questions Discuss Any unclear material
 Reiterate deadlines for 1st payment. Give assignment for next class. Remind snack people for the next class. Thanks for coming-Look forward to next time. Im available if you need anything- give students my contact info.
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