Lesson Plan : Electricity and Magnetism

Teacher Name:
 S. Oliver
 Grade 6

 The Nature of Magnetism
 Standard: IV.C.4.b. Vocabulary: magnetism, magnetic pole, magnetic field, magnetic field line, atom, element, nucleus, proton, electron, magnetic domain, ferromagnetic material, permanent magnet
 The goal is for students to learn how magnetic poles interact. Also, they will learn the shape of the magnetic lines of force and how the domains of a magnet are arranged.
 1) to define magnetic poles and describe the interaction between like and unlike magnetic poles. 2) define magnetic fields and describe magnetic field lines. 3)define magnetic domain and state how magnetic domains are lined up in magnetized material.
 Textbook pages N.14-21. Worksheet 1-1.
 Students will have a 5-minute warmup on magnetic poles and will discuss the components of an atom.
 A model of an atom will be drawn on the board and labled so that the students will have a visual as to how an atom is constructed. This will take place as the discussion goes along. Teacher and student will discuss the 5 minute warmup, which will transition into the discussion of the lesson.
 Students will read a paragraph each to reinforce what they previously read the night before for homework. Teacher and students will discuss topics as they are read.
 Students who finish early will begin reading section 2.
Checking For Understanding:
 Worksheet will be graded. Vocabulary quiz on the first 5 vocabulary words will be given tomorrow.
 Teacher will summarize lesson. Teacher will review what is to take place the next day. Students will be assigned homework: Read Chapter 1 Section 2. Study vocabulary words.
Teacher Reflections:

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