Lesson Plan : How sweet is your gum?

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 miss houssaiky
 Grade 11-12

 Percent Composition and empirical formula
 Chemistry: -percent composition: % by mass of an element in a compound -empirical formula: the formula of a compound using the smallest whole number ratio of the atoms in a compound.
 1. understand percent composition 2. calculate percent composition of an element in a compound or a compound in a mixture.j 3. understand empirical formula 4. write empirical formula using percent composition
 1. students should be able to determine the percent composition of sugar in a piece of gum. 2. students should be able to write the empirical formula of a compound. 3. Students should be able to use scientific inquiry to learn about % composition and empirical formula.
 gum PowerPoint (computer, projector) balance handouts-- activity guidelines paper cups or beakers
 To motivate students i will tell them they will be allowed to chew gum in lab today. i will give thema % comp problem to see if they understood the homework. to focus the students attention i will explain how we can use chemistry to learn something about everyday life-- such as chewing gum. bubble gum is somethings students are familiar with, this will help them connect prior knowledge to this activity.
 bell work: calculate % comp of Ca in CaCO3 Discuss quiz grades Activity
 Students will go over 5 problems as a class. I will then allow them to complete 10 question sheet. I will revolve around the room answering all questions.
Checking For Understanding:
 In the morning we will do a Do now of each of the problem types.
 This will be part of the unit test at the end of the quarter.
Teacher Reflections:

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