Lesson Plan : Air Movements

Teacher Name:
 Catherine Joyner
 Grade 7-8

 Earth's Atmosphere
 Science Vocabulary: celsius, Coriolis Effect, Farenheit, air, air Pressure, anemometer, atmosphere, barometer, jet stream, land breeze, meteorolgist, rain gauge, sea breeze, thermometer, weather vane, wind
 1. Explain why different latitudes on Earth receive different amounts of solar energy. 2. Describe the Coriolis effect. 3. Explain how land and water surfaces affect the overlying air
 3.01: Explain the composition, properties and structure of the atmospherel: as altitkude increases, air pressure decreases: Equilibrium 3.05: Examine evidence that atmosphere properties can be studied to predict atmospheric conditions and weather hazards: Wind speed and direction.
 Science Text book, overhead transparency Activity p. 42 Overhead
 introduce Terms - Vocabulary 1. Write definitions 2. make flash cards for 9/16 words
 Read and discuss Reading on pages 455 - 459 Page 463 Science and Language Arts. - Song of the Sky Loom
 Why does the song use the image of a garment to describe Earth's atmosphere? (Metaphor) a figure of speech that compares seemingly unlik things. Unlike a simile, a metaphor deos not use the connecting words like or as. Why do the words Mother Earth and Father Sky appear on either side and above and below the rest of the words?
 Mariah, Justin will work with an assistant or another student, or teacher Teacher will read materials (will call on some students to read) Write down page number that student will find the answers to questions. Hve students answer only two of 5 question (16-20)
Checking For Understanding:
 Discussion with students during the reading Graded Chapter review questions Graded Test for 1st 9 vocabulary words Graed test for nent 7 words.
 Eog Objective Review pgs. 466 - 467
Teacher Reflections:
 Using the text book can be a little trying. I must read and explain to students the subject matter. I must break every thing down into small section so that the students will be able to complete the work assigned.

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