Lesson Plan : What is Life Science?

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Hancock
 Grade 6

 Characteristics of living things. (EDITED)
 Living things are described as being made of cells, having organization, and having the ability to grow, reproduce, and respond to stimuli. Comparison between unicellular and multicellular organisms.
 Students will be able to: 1. Know the different characteristics of living things. 2. Understand the definition of an organism. 3. Identify new terms and their definitions. 4. Compare between unicellular and multicellular organisms.
 After completing this section, the student will state the 4 differences between living things and nonliving things. They will list and describe the major levels of organization of living things with complete accuracy.
 Science Text Book, pictures, worksheets
 Chapter 1: Section1.1 & 1.2 Thinking critically Introduce New Science Terms to students through the use of an overhead projector. Use each word in a sentence to clarify terms. Students will listen to explanation by the teacher. Teacher will encourage the students to use thinking skills in discussion and questioning.
 Teacher will use corals, sea anemones, sponges, seaweed and pictures to model for students. Students will observe, discuss and use hands on techniques to understand the characteristics of living and non-living things.
 Students will work in pairs to practice identification of living and non-livng things and their characteristics using pictures and textbook.
 Students will be given the opportunity to review, question and listen to continual reinforcement of material. Teacher will work one on one with the students who are having difficulty.
Checking For Understanding:
 Use of hands on materials, students worksheets, quiz Have students choose 5 things--living and nonliving--and explain how each fits or does not fit the criteria of living things discussed in this section.
 Have students list and describe in their own words the characteristics of living things.
 Student questions and participation will guide teacher to know if there is a need for extended instruction. Teacher will question students as a review and a clarification of the day's lesson.
Teacher Reflections:
 How well did the students do during the evaluation? What can I do during the next class to clarify some questions? What worked today?

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