Lesson Plan : Features Of Mammals

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Montes
 Grade 1

 Welcoming my students [scientist]to the world of animals. Defining what mammals are and identifying their characteristics.
 Vocabulary: Mammal, animal, characteristics
 Students will be able to understand that mammals have distinctive features which help us identify them. Students will be able to familiarize themselves with different types of animals.
 Given pictorial images, students will compare and contrast mammals, define mammals, and identify the unique characteristics of mammals.
 Graphic organizer, crayons, pencil, animal images
 Welcoming students to the World of Animals. I will define what animal, mammals and characteristics are. Students will be in groups of four. I will have four work stations. On each of the four work stations, I will have a picture of an animal.
 Students will talk and share ideas about the characteristics of the animal illustration in the work station.
 Each student will have animal chart worksheet. Students will draw animal features that will identify the animal and its characteristics. Students will rotate around the room until all stations have been completed.
 Students will be placed in groups of varying abilities to allow each student to find benefit in the group. Teacher will assist with groups having difficulty.
Checking For Understanding:
 We will then gather in a circle and each student will share their work and present to us what characteristics they found as they went around the work stations. This will demonstrate student undertstanding of pictorial images and the distinguishing of different mammals.
 I will then collect all of there work and give positive reinforcement. Later, we will create a animal book with animals of their choice.
 As students give their presentations, I will measure their progress by observing how they initially started out with their visualization skills and presentation of their animal chart worksheet; and assess their progress throughout the creation of our animal book.
Teacher Reflections:
 Did the work stations prove successful? Did the students work well in groups? What did the students like about this lesson? What can I change?

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