Lesson Plan : Vertebrates I

Teacher Name:
 B. Eve
 Grade 7-8

 Dissection of a frog
 Frog dissection and identification of the digestive system. Key Words:forcept, scalpel. distension pins and pan, probe, scalpel, scissors, ruler and frog
 The student will identify the organs of a frog. The Student will prepare for the study of human organs by studying frog organs.
 The student will be able to dissect and identify frog organs. This will fall under standards: N.S.5-8.1,5,6,7
 Dissection pans and tools, latex gloves, goggles. overhead with transparency of the dissection, bulletin board of the dissection, frog dissection manual and lab book
 The student will be introduced to the lab by reading it in the lab book. The student will color code an example of the frog digestive system.
 The students will review all the rules of a dissection lab. They will review all the organs they are to identify on the frog.
 The students will be given the website www.froguts.com to review the dissection procedures.
 Any student that is unable to dissect will be allowed to work with a partner. Any student that cannot participate will be given a detailed worksheet to complete on the dissection.
Checking For Understanding:
 The teacher will be moving to each student or group and verifying that the students know the organs. A quiz on the white board will be given to further verify their ability to identify frog organs.
 The students will be tested on the frog digestive system.
 The dissection lab sheet, the frog digestion coloring work sheet, quiz on the digestive system and finally the test on the frog digestion system.
Teacher Reflections:

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