Lesson Plan : Spooky Skeletons

Teacher Name:
 Grade 3
 Social Studies

 Holidays, Skeletons
 Halloween, Day of the Dead, skeleton
 Build Background Knowledge: Students will develop an understanding of how skeletons are predominately viewed by society by comparing Halloween and Day of the Dead.
 TLW identify selected personalities associated with major holidays and cultural celebrations (SS 1.06.) TLW identify the skeleton as a system of the human body (SCI 4.01)
 Computers with internet, teacher created sheet for topic research, large blank paper, pencils, content books on Halloween and Day of the Dead
 Teacher will ask essential question: Is a skeleton a good or bad thing? When do you normally see skeletons? Teacher will create a circle map using student responses.
 Students will pair off. Each pair will be assigned a holiday and one of the following to research: History/Purpose, Food, Decorations, Symbols, Activities. Students will use the internet and books to gather information about their assigned topic.
 Each pair will write down their findings about their topic on the provided topic sheet. The teacher will monitor student writings for content and originality.
 Some students may prefer to work alone and some students may need to be put with a partner that is academically stronger.
Checking For Understanding:
 The teacher will facilitate the class as they create a double bubble map comparing and contrasting the two holidays. The students will provide the information for this task based upon what they learned.
 Students will complete a journal writing in which they tell which of the two holidays is the best and why. Students will also write about why they believe skeletons are associated with each holiday (this ties back to the essential question).
 I will evaluate this lesson using a rubric. The rubric will gives scores for the following: the information provided (research topic sheet), participation, creation of the double bubble map, and the journal writing.
Teacher Reflections:

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