Lesson Plan : Density Problems

Teacher Name:
 Mr. McKie
 Grade 11-12

 Density, mass, volume, grams, liters, cm x cm x cm formula,
 1. Define density 2. Use lab equipment to find appropriate and useful measurements. 3. Be able to use the density formula to solve for density, mass or volume
 1. Students will be able to define density 2. Student will be able to identify the density of different substances by using D=m/v 3. Students will be able to use the density triangle to solve for different variables.
 snack size 3 musketeers bars regular size 2 musketeers bars; graduated cylinder, triple beam balance, ruler,
 Pre-assessment quiz (its called a quiz so the students will try, but it doesn't count as a quiz...rather an assignment completion). Purpose of this is to see how much they understood from the Guided Outline and previous science classes.
 Smart Board PowerPoint on density. Slides are kept short and to the point. Density Triangle -- to limit the need for algebra and math. Density Lab-- I will model how to find the mass of an object and the 2 different ways that you can find volume of an object (by a ruler and by the graduated cylinder)
 Class examples located on the white board. Students will be in partners and they will complete all 5 problems on the white board together. They might have to present the material in the front of class
 Copy of notes for C.J. (as requested on IEP) ** Student who feel that they understand the objectives will complete only the odd numbers on the homework and their homework will be graded on accuracy; others who do not feel comfortable will complete all the problems for completion credit.
Checking For Understanding:
 Debrief of the lab -- does both objects have the same density? The answer should be yes, because they are made from the same materials. Size does not matter.
 Density Problem were for homework, if students have time after the lab students can start their homework.
 If students are able to complete in the in-class problems and show no problems in the lab computing the density they should have successfully completing the learning targets for today. If students are have trouble in a particular area, there is time during and after the lab for students to clarify any misunderstandings.
Teacher Reflections:

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