Lesson Plan : Plant life cycle

Teacher Name:
 Candice Radford
 Grade 2

 Plant Life cycle
 Seed life cycle Plant life cycle Stages of the Plant life cycle
 Be able to talk about and identify the plant life cycle. Plant their own seeds and have them grow.
 At the end of the lesson, pupils will: Be able to name the conditions suitable for the growth of a seed and a plant. Plant a seed and begin to observe the complete life cycle of flowering plants grown from seeds over a period of time.
 Seeds, soil, peat moss cups, water, trays,newspaper, name tags,Plastic, light source ( heat lamp or sun exposure) plant life cycle journals, colored pencils.
 Can anyone tell me what this is? (holds up a seed) How about this? (Holds up a plant) Can anyone tell me how this seed can become a plant like this? Today class and for the next several weeks we will be learning about Life cycles. The activity that I have choosen for us to particpate in is growing your own plants. We will be learning the life cycle of a seedling into an adult plant.
 Over the next several weeks we will be watching and writing about what we are seeing happen to the our cup gardens. Each of you will be given a seed, a peat moss cup, soil, a cup of water, name tag and a tray that will contain yours and your table mates gardens. If you will all gather around me I will show you what you need to do to be able to make your own. First you take the cup that we have given you and add the soils make sure its packed in there like this, its not tight but when you push on it it doesn't move much. You will then take your index finger and insert it in the soil in the middle of the cup up to your knuckle. You will then place your seed in the middle and cover it up with soil again. Once you have done that insert your name tag and place it in the tray at your table then gently pour your cup of water over the soil to make sure sure you don't uncover the seed. Are you all ready to create your own cup garden? Thats what I thought, now go back to your seats and clear off the top of your desks and place the sheet of newspaper across it.
 Every morning the students will come into class and do a warm up that will be centered around the life cycle of a plant. The students will also be able to do research of the life cycle of any living thing whether it be an animal, plant or even and insect.
Checking For Understanding:
 I will have the students draw and label the parts of seeds and plants. They will also be asked to journal as they go about what they have observed through the activity and the lessons.
 I will place diagrams at the front of the class and have the students explain to me about the life cycle. We will talk about important steps and vocabulary.
 Mini True/False quiz to assess today's understanding. Brief pupils on their ongoing assignment: Over the weeks, pupils will: note down when they have watered their plant measure the heights of the plant during its growth. keep a journal to illustrate each stage of growth Expalin in their own words what they observed as the seed and plant grew.
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