Lesson Plan : Hook Lesson/ Farm Unit

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 Molly Little

 Hook Lesson for Farm Unit
 The learner will orally state at least one thing they already know about the farm, farm animals or a farmer. The learner will orally state at least one thing they would like to learn about the farm
 - Competency Goal 1: The learner will make observations and build an understanding of similarities and differences in animals. o Objectives - Observe and describe the similarities and differences among animals including: - Structure. - Growth. - Changes. - Movement. - 1.02 Observe how animals interact with their surroundings. - 1.03 Observe the behaviors of several common animals. - 1.04 Demonstrate how to care for a variety of animals. - 1.05 Observe the similarities of humans to other animals including: - Basic needs. - Growth and change. - Movement
 -Chart paper -markers -"Old Mc Donald" book -live animal (pig, chicks, dog) -Farmer Costume including: -overalls -plaid shirt -straw hat -work boots -plastic pitch fork -handkerchief
 Introduce the hook lesson by coming into the classroom dressed as a farmer. have live animal to get the students excited. Explain that we are going to start our farm unit today,say something like: Today we will begin our farm unit. Our goal for this unit is to learn all about farms, farmers and all the animals that live on a farm. Your role in this unit is to learn all you can about what animals on a farm look like, what they do each day, what they eat and what their babies are called. Your role will also be to learn about a farmer's daily responsibilities; in other words to walk in a farmer's shoes for a day. At the end of this unit you are going to pick an animal that lives on the farm or the farmer. You are going to use art supplies to create whoever you pick. Then some friends from the North Carolina Farm Bureau are going to come into our class and each animal/farmer is going to explain who they are and what their life is like to these North Carolina farmers. Your challenge will be to think of yourself as an animal or farmer instead of a kid. Your knowledge and art product will be graded through a rubric. As long as you follow all the steps and know lots of information about your animal you will do well. As a class we will create the rubric used to grade your work.
 -After introducing the lesson ask the students what they already know about farms. -Use chart paper and markers to record this information -Try and obtain one piece of information from each student -Next ask the students something they would like to learn about the farm, farmers or farm animals. -Tell the students that it is okay if they do not yet know anything about farms because they will definitely learn something over the next three weeks.
Checking For Understanding:
 -Close the lesson by reading the book "Old McDonald had a Farm"
 -The students will be evaluated through observation and the data collected on the chart paper. This data will allow for further planning for the unit. It will also allow for the teacher to know who has some background knowledge about farms and who does not.
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