Lesson Plan : Scientific Method

Teacher Name:
 Mr. Denton
 Grade 9-10

 Independent Variable, Dependent Variable, Manipulated Variable, Responding Variable, Control Group, Experiment, Constant, and Validity
 Students will be able to distinguish between different aspects of a test.
 2A-H, 3A,B
 The smart-board will be used to present slide slide show to draw in E.L.L.and A.D.D. students. Hand-outs will be available for each student to follow along with the presentation.
 As students walk in they will pick up a packet that follows the slides and has fill in the blanks. They will analyze their theory exit yesterday and determine if there where variables. This can be done in groups of 4.
 Demonstrating a complete graph of concentration dilutions and time passed. Manipulate both time and dilutions to show students how the graphs can change.
 Have students one student with 1ml concentration blue dye pair up with another students with 5ml concentration blue dye. Once they have done this have each student pour their dye into different beakers filled with 200ml of water. Once that is done they must recored the time and see what variables came into play.
 All students will work in pairs with other individuals. Both, picture and written instructions will be placed on the tables. Verbal directions will be done in-front of the class as the lab goes on.
Checking For Understanding:
 A informal observation will be done as students are working with the different concentrations.
 Students will write about concentrations and how they could have changed the outcomes of time vs color. This will serve as a formative evaluation, because students should have a grasp on what variables they can change.
 As students leave they must turn in their explanation of the concentrations.
Teacher Reflections:

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