Lesson Plan : Plant Structure and Growth

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Morse
 Grade 11-12

 Plant Structure, Growth, and Development
 The Plant Body has a hierarchy of Organs, Tissues, and cells. There are 3 basic plant organs: roots, stems and leaves. Physical forces drive the transport of materials in plants. Plants require certain chemical elements to complete their life cycle.
 Cover every part of the plant and explain the function of that organ including; roots, stems, and leaves. Explain how plants transport material via the xylem and phloem. Last explain the nutrition of plants and the chemical elements required for plants to complete their life cycle.
 Students will be able to name the different parts of the plant and the function it serves. Also students will understand the physical forces that drive the transport of materials in plants.
 4-5 tomato plants, pictures of plants for a slide show, 4-5 cutouts of a tree and notecards with the words; C02, H20, sugar, and 02 on them.
 To start the class I will draw a picture of a plant on the board. The students will be asked to draw the plant in their lab notebook and follow along as I explain each part. I will start by explaining the different components of the leaves, stem, and end with the roots. After I am done explaining the heirarchy of Organs, Tissues, and cells, I will put a diagram up of a tree and the nutrients its needs going in and the products it makes coming out. Once going over the transport in vascular plants we will take 10 min to do an activity to get the students out of their seats. The students will go to their lab stations. The students then will grab a plant from the cart and label each part that I have numbered. Then they will explain which each part does. After the students return back to their desks, I will go over plant nutrition and the chemical elements required for plants to complete their life cycle. At the end of class I will hand out the worksheet I'd like them to complete for the next class.
 While the students are at their lab stations labeling each part and discussing which each one does, I will walk around asking students to explain a certain part to me and answering any questions students might have.
Checking For Understanding:
 The students will get a worksheet and need to finish it for the next period. I will go through and make there isn't a particular thing students are struggling with and if there is a specific part, I will go over it again the next period.
 To end the class I will summarize the parts of the plant, calling on students to answer questions I ask. We will go through the parts of the plants, what minerals plants need and how plants transport material.
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