Lesson Plan : Machines

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Ferguson
 Grade 5

 Simple Machines
 Six simple machines: wedge, inclined plane, pulley, wheel and axle, and screw.
 The students will learn to recognize the six simple machines and how they are used in everyday life.
 TLW indentify pictures of the sis types of simple machines. TLW Draw an example of each of the six simple machines that they use in their daily life.
 Paint sticks, plastic serving spoons, so that each studentwill have one to use Purchase 1-2 bags of jumbo marshmallow for launching and sharpie pens.
 Give each student a jumbo marsmallow with their name. Give each student an object such as a large plastic serving spoon, ruler or meter stick, swimming noodle, etc. that could be used as a lever. "Today is the day you get to have fun and get back at your teaher for all that homework." Have them use the object you gave them to launch a marshmallow at the you. The marshmallow may only be touching the object before it goes into the air. The object must be touching the desk or chair as you launch the marshmallow.
 The teacher will explain the type of machine that the students have created in their marshmallow activity (lever).Define that a simple machine is a machine created to make a tasks easier. Explain that there are six simple machines. Display an example of each simple machine. Using a video from BrainPop.com, have the students view the demonstration of simple machines.
 Do the identifying activity of simple machines on edhead.com. This site has a game that shows four rooms in a house with common household items. The student will go through each room and locate the common machines and decide what type of machine it is.
 Study guide listing each simple machine with picture and the student can write in the definition and draw a picture.
Checking For Understanding:
 Matching paper pencil activity and evaluation of simple machines the students build in cooperative groups.
 Ask students to list the simple machines and assign them to list 3 examples of each simple machines they use at home.
 Identifying simple machines and the type of simple machines that make-up common household items.
Teacher Reflections:

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