Lesson Plan : Sun Supplies the Atmosphere's Energy

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Dennis
 Grade 7-8

 The sun supplies the atmosphere's energy.
 *solar energy heats Earth's surface and atmosphere. *the atmosphere moves heat energy around *the layers of the atmosphere *radiation, conduction, convection, troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere
 *be able to identify the percentage of energy that is reflected and absorbed by the earth, clouds, and atmosphere and way this absorption and reflection is important to us. *be able to identify and explain the three ways that the atmosphere moves heat energy around. *be able to label correctly and compare/contrast the layers of the atmosphere
 *TLW demonstrate application of the effect of reflection on temperature by conducting an experiment to see how clouds play a major role in reflection. *TLW demonstrate synthesis by constructing and explaining a diagram to show the relationship of radiation, convection, and conduction. *TLW demonstrate application of the layers of the atmosphere by creating a foldable to differentiate the meaning between the layers.
 2 metal cups, plastic wrap, foam, tape, thermometers, watch, heat lamp, printer paper for diagrams construction paper, colored pencils, textbooks, and PowerPoint on completing foldable
 I put a picture up of people playing the beach. I want them to list everything they see, what kind of day is it, where is the heat coming from, and where is it going.
 *explain and model how to do the lab so they can do it with their group and record the results. *direct instruction through PowerPoint and note taking guide on the sun's energy and how atmosphere moves. *explain what their diagram needs to include for showing me the transfer of energy *explain and demonstrate how to complete the foldable and where to look for the information that I expect them to put on foldable.
 *conducting the lab and recording results with team *create diagram with partner *create foldable independently but may work with partner to find facts.
 *preferential seating *working with team, and partners *textbooks and extra research information *supplies
Checking For Understanding:
 *Questioning individuals as they are working *compare and contrast chart *journal writing *ask questions to class
 *journal writing *what amount of energy is reflected by the earth, clouds, and atmosphere. *describe the three transfers of energy *list in order from earth up the layers of the atmosphere
 *results from experiment and their analysis of outcomes *their diagram of the transfer of energy with their explanations *foldable - facts match they layers, layers are labeled in correct order
Teacher Reflections:
 *were my set of instruction clear along with my modeling of what was to be done good enough that I didn't have to correct them in their lab *do the diagrams portray the correct information and their explanation is accurate *were my directions for foldables easy for them to achieve my vision of what I wanted or expected to see.

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