Lesson Plan : The Life Cycle of Plants

Teacher Name:
 Miss Oliver
 Grade 6

 The Life Cycle of Plants
 Students will learn about the life cycles of a flowering plant and that of a conifer. Key Vocabulary Learned is Stages, Life Cycle, Germination, Seedling, Adult Plant, Pollen and Conifers.
 IRP's : grade 6 classify plants and animals according to their internal and external features
 Students will be able to identify different stages of of plant life cycles. As well as the difference between flowering plant and conifers. They will learn new vocabulary and this lesson will lead into a lesson on Animal life cycles.
 Chapter 23 - The Cycle of Plants, and Worksheet #23 - The Life Cycle of Plants
 Teacher will explain about the different life cycles of plant life and the difference between certain plants. Before students are asked to look at their worksheet, students will be asked which order they think that the stages should go in.
 Students will take turns reading out paragraphs in the worksheet. They will then look up in the dictionary what the vocabulary means and come and write the meanings of the words on the back of their page.
 Students will be given the option to get a dried bean and put it in a cup with a moist paper towel and watch how the bean sprouts into different stages.
 Students will be allowed to work at their own pace and bring in their assigned homework on Friday at 3 pm.
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher will ask if students understand and come around to answer questions.
 Students will be asked to complete their unfinished work by 3 pm on friday.
 Students will be evaluated on their participation in class as well as their completion of the assigned work. Students will later be tested on the material
Teacher Reflections:

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