Lesson Plan : Rock cycle and Biomes

Teacher Name:
 Sarah Crunelle
 Grade 11-12

 Rock cycle
 Students investigates rock cycles (erosion, soil types) as variable making biomes unique.
 A.3.* understand that relationships exist among the earth (geology and soil science), the water (hydrology and oceanography) and the atmosphere (meteorology and atmospherics), and that the relationship is best exemplified by the water cycle. B.3. understand the processes of volcanism and erosion. Focus on erosion.
 Students will be able to describe the rock cycle and use it to identify types of rocks. Students will associate rock and water cycle through processes like erosion, soil formation. Lithosphere provides structure for water sheds, and filters/storage of water. Water sheds provide transports of soil/soil nutrients.
 Day 1. 1. Lets exam the topography now. Online rock cycle erosion review.
 Day 2. 1. Finish Day 1. 2. SHOW AND TELL GLOSSARY- Tell students that these vocab words describe an event in Oregon history, ask them to be thinking what event these words describe. To help students prepare for the geology vocabulary words that are included in the video "Ice Age Flood," assign each student one of the words in the glossary. Ask them to SHOW and TELL what their geology word means by creating a large poster explaining in words and also showing in a drawing or sketch what their term means. 3.Have the students share these posters with the class. Then try to arrange where they go on the wall based on relationships to figure out what story it tells. Ask what and when was it?. 4. Discuss age of earth. 5. Start video from Day 3 if you have time. 5. Have students collect/bring in soil samples.
 Day 3. 1. OPB ice age flood movie for our area. Print teacher prompts at http://www.opb.org/education/iceageflood/viewing/. When the vocabulary terms come up during the video, you might wish to stop the video to refer students to the appropriate poster to remind them of the definition, and invite the student who prepared the poster to personally help explain his or her word. 2. Have students collect/bring in soil samples from different areas.
 Student pairing. Have computers available during ELO.
Checking For Understanding:
 Online quiz. Students associate rock cycle with water cycle. Student feedback during video. Student assays are well performed and logical conclusions are drawn that relate back to biome conditions.
 1. Soil/water ppt (either before or after lab)
Teacher Reflections:

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