Lesson Plan : When Carbons Combine

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 Miss Le
 Grade 9-10

 Organic Chemistry: When Carbons Combine
 This lesson is an introduction to organic chemistry, focusing on the use of the word 'organic' in chemistry context and bringing up student's prior knowledge on carbon's bonding characteristics. Key vocabulary: organic, inorganic, hydrocarbons, organic chemistry.
 Students will: (1) understand the bonding characteristics of carbon that result in a variety of structures (2) know the use of the word 'organic' in context of chemistry (3) know the difference between 'inorganic' and 'organic'
 (SC10c) Students will know the bonding characteristics of carbon that result in the formation of a large variety of structures ranging from simple hydrocarbons to complex polymers and biological molecules.
 Teacher: PowerPoint presentation, white board, SMART board. Student: Paper/notebook, pencil, hydrocarbon worksheet.
 Begin the lesson by telling the students they are starting a unit on organic chemistry, exploring compounds that are "organic". Write "organic" on the board and create a concept map. Branching off the sides will be student's understanding of the word.
 Teacher will lecture using PowerPoint introducing organic chemistry. Have students take notes on the PowerPoint lesson. Review basic chemistry of carbon.
 In the PowerPoint, there are examples of organic & inorganic compounds; ask students to classify the compounds. Emphasize that the only important characteristic in classifying organic compounds is it containing carbon.
 The students may also use a KWL chart to organize their ideas.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will complete the Hydrocarbons worksheet. Unfinished parts will be assigned as homework. If the students used a KWL chart, have them complete the L part of the chart.
 Quick review of the lesson today. Tell students their knowledge of how carbons bond will be important for tomorrow. If the students have not completed their work, it will be assigned for homework.
Teacher Reflections:

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